Day 10 — — Irawo: The Star that shines (II)

On this episode, I would like to thank some people who specifically transformed my life. In no particular order, we will start with Da Nwach.

Nwach is a conc Onitsha man and a proud DMGS alumnus. He is as troublesome as they come and a confirm description of ‘Atakata agbusisia.’ We achieved some indescribably synergy. With him, Irawo was really home. Maybe because we were 042 boys or because we had great mastery of igbo or perhaps because he is a good writer and I am a lover of good writings or just maybe because he was simply natural. In him, you understand that this fight for sanctity isn’t all rosy but it is certainly worthwhile. In him, you understand that it doesn’t need to be all sanctimonious or gloomy. If smoking doesn’t kill him, nothing would. Dalu rinne.

I would like to thank Fr. Eddy, a fine priest of the Lord most high. Perhaps the affinity was because he is an engineer as well. One who is passionate about cars, souls and God. There is nothing beautiful as seeing a priest explain spirituality using the ordinary things of life. He is the real Indabosky, the chief bad boy of Irawo. If you want it intellectually, he will give you. If you want it otherwise, he will remind you that he is an Ebutte-Meta brought up.

I would then thank God for Michael Dike. With him, initial relationship was quite tense. It is understandable considering the difference in our background, but over the years, we learned more about each other and I came to realize what a good human he is. He may not express it as amazingly as others, but people like him are always needed. In him, one learns the beauty of discipline and firmness in upholding the right principles.

I would appreciate Celestine nwoke oma. He is the philosopher king. With people like him, you just have to fall in love with philosophy and make some extra effort in philosophizing. His progress in political analytics is a beautiful one and his belief in a better society is one that is refreshing. I am glad that he is actively forming the next generation of leaders and I hope that all his dreams keep falling short.

a soul trying to navigate through life while making positive impacts