Day 11 — Irawo: The Star that shines (III)

This part is dedicated to Prestige, Dubem, Afam, Oamen, Eniafe and JP.

Some years back, I came across these fine young men and I wondered: how will I blend with them? Dubem is that fellow who will sit by the side quietly, but intently observing you and drawing up hypothesis after hypothesis. Afam would not let you be. He would fill your presence with so much activity and boom, before you know it, you can’t do without him. Oamen on the other hand, is the fine blend of a gentleman with poise and class. That kinda British gentleman of Esan origin. Together with these three, I caused considerable amount of commotion in Irawo. We grew to be brothers. Weathering through the storms and years later, together, hand in hand, we try to conquer our part of the world.

Afam remains a lesson in diligence and academic excellence. For him, it’s either you aim for the best or you don’t aim at all. First class back to back, from university to law school and now, one of the few lawyers who isn’t collecting 30,000 naira stipend as salary.

The beautiful thing about this gang is that we will chop life make life no chop us. This is without ruining our future. A gang that knows that thin line between enjoying our youth and destroying our future. Few years into our stay in Irawo, some new guys who unscripted into the gang. They brought the right amount of vitality. In them, we remembered the joy of our teenage years. For these friends who have now turned family, I pray that we continue to be there fro each other. May we stick through thick and thin.

At this point, I will like to talk about Prestige. Prestige is one of the few people I have always looked up to and continue to look up to. He is someone who has taught me, without knowing it, the importance of planning and executing. He dreams big and he puts in the required effort to achieve these dreams. I am yet to meet a medical doctor who is as versatile as he is. You can refer to him as a jack of all trade and master of all. He dresses in a classy manner, he’s got the right eloquence, his gait is befitting and above all he’s got a beautiful heart. For him, I just pray for good health and long life so that the world would draw out so much good from him.

a soul trying to navigate through life while making positive impacts