Day 12 -A thankful heart

I started these gratitude episodes because of a quote by Meister Eckhart: “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

Today, I want to appreciate a particular Baron. A friend of about a decade. A gentleman who I know I can call on when men of the underworld come running. Beneath all the toughness is a very warm heart, one that understands the concepts of friendship and family ties. 042 cruises would forever be interesting with him.

We now move on to Ugo. Another friend of a decade, one with whom I’ve sat one to many times to strategise the future. Dear friend, I know things aren’t moving at the pace we planned but I know that sooner than later, the puzzle pieces would fit. Remain dedicated to the hustle and little by little, we’d carve our niche.

“A friend is not someone who has the same taste in music, food or clothes as you do. It’s someone who understands and respects the differences. The differences bring us together. Thank you for being this person, buddy.”

Subomi is that friend who has so much to offer. Besides the basic kind heart, there’s the culinary skills and the professional medical skill. Subomi is practically my personal physician, I only pray I can be able to pay him adequately for his professional services in the coming years.

Ope is my twin. We have the same thoughts. Same stance on politics, social justice , money and living the goof life. It is the difficult to find friends who are so comfortable as themselves and just want to help everyone else grow. We literally use the same devices and whenever Ope gets a new one, it’s just the universe telling me that mine is on the way.